Charlestown Junior
Cricket Club

Charlestown Junior Cricket Club Season 23/24 Registrations Now Open!

Hello, Magpies!

We’re thrilled to announce that registrations for the upcoming 23/24 cricket season at Charlestown Junior Cricket Club are now open! It’s time to dust off your cricket gear and swoop (see what I did there 😉) into another fantastic season of runs, wickets, catches, and most importantly, fun.

Our registration process is straightforward and designed to ensure everyone can join our Charlestown cricket family with ease. We’ve simplified the payment system – one payment option for all age groups and competitions. Visit our PlayHQ website for step-by-step instructions on completing your registration.

Please note that registrations will close on the 13th of September. If you’re a representative player, make sure you’re registered by the 3rd of September. We encourage parents to register their kids as soon as possible to avoid missing out on the opportunity to participate in the club’s 23/24 cricket season. There is also a field where you nominate friends/coaches who you want to play with and we will do our best to accommodate.

Good news for parents! Your child may be eligible for an Active Kids voucher, which can significantly reduce the cost of participation. Make sure you make use of this fantastic opportunity.

We also want to remind our dedicated coaches and managers to register with PlayHQ. Registration is free and crucial for managing our tournaments. After the closure of registrations, we’ll work closely with our coaches to muster teams. Notifications regarding teams, including training day and time, will be sent out by team managers approximately a week after registrations close.

Let’s make the 23/24 season a memorable one! We look forward to seeing both new and familiar faces on the pitch.